Board of Directors

Chair of the Board

Ethan Adshade

With a passion and love for making learning relevant, inspiring, and transformational! Ethan created TEPHE to revolutionize the way teachers teach, communities connect, lessons come alive, and students grow. He currently serves as the Chair of the Board in this early process of development.


Andrew Clark
Founder/CEO, RX Marketing

Operating Partner and Co-Founder of Rx Marketing Group, an eight-figure company with of over 35 people and offices across the country. I have been a Digital Marketing Professional for the last 10 years, with an emphasis in Email Marketing.  I believe in TEPHE because it fills a need that has not previously been met with such efficiency. I firmly believe that lasting business do so by filling the needs of others that otherwise have not been met. There is a strong disconnect in our education system today with what’s being taught in classrooms to what is happening in the real world. TEPHE will give students that glimmer of hope; maybe a career to strive for, or a mentor to look up therefore a better person to become.


Kristen Proctor
Founder/CEO, Rocket Strategy

Kristen Proctor is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Strategy, a growth strategy consulting agency that helps tech startups and Fortune 500 companies grow. A former co-founder and executive for a bootstrapped startup that she helped grow into a multimillion-dollar business, Kristen has 9 years of growth and operations scaling leadership experience. Every year, countless numbers of high-achieving students slip through the cracks in our educational systems. Kristen believes that engaging students as early as possible by exposing them to transformational educational experiences that connect concepts from the classroom to the real world will spark their interests, ignite their passions, and give them the best shot at success.

Advisory Committee

Jesse Noonan, Ed.D.
CAO, Youth Policy Institute

Jesse began her career as a high school English teacher and Teach for America corps member at Locke High School and subsequently moved into alternative education for homeless and marginally-housed youth as well as others placed at-risk for school failure.  During her nine-year tenure at Opportunities for Learning and Options for Youth, Jesse was the school’s first Director of Educational Programs and led a team instrumental in raising the academic achievement and post-secondary expectations of students in the program. Jesse currently is the Chief Academic Officer at Youth Policy Institute, providing a broad range of support to schools to dramatically accelerate student outcomes at schools throughout the Pico Union, East Hollywood, and Northeast San Fernando Valley areas of Los Angeles.