Here are some common questions about TEPHE.


What is TEPHE?

TEPHE is an online platform that offer two things for two groups of people:

  1. Schools – With TEPHE schools (teachers, admin, coaches, counselors) can access the professionals and experts in their community by signing up, logging in, and searching for “experiences”. Once they find a desired experience they can request, modify, and schedule the experience.
  2. Community – With TEPHE individuals and businesses now have a safe way to offer their skills, knowledge, expertise, and resources to schools in their community. Individuals and businesses can signup and create “experiences” once TEPHE approves the experience it becomes accessible to local schools. When a school request a community members experience they are notified and can use our platform to modify and schedule the experience.

1. K-12 school staff who want to provide their students with transformational experiences

2. Community individuals and businesses who want to offer their expertise to schools

TEPHE is not for students or parents to use.

What is an "Experience"?

TEPHE refers to professional driven events as “Experiences”. We currently offer two types of experiences:

  1. Expert/Professional – This is for individuals and business who want to help out but don’t have a specific lesson to teach. They are open to schools requesting their skills, knowledge, expertise, and/or resources to help with a lesson or other experience that the school creates. (e.g. A science teacher requests a doctor to come in and help with an anatomy lesson she has created. A math teacher invites a financial analysts to evaluate stock pitches in a group project he assigned to his students)
  2. Speaker/Presentation – Are Pre-structured experiences that are created by the individual or business. These include workshops, academic lessons, speeches, performances, etc. (e.g. A Talent Resource exec. puts on a resume building workshop for high schoolers. A yogi puts on a 60 minute yoga session.)
How are "Experiences" approved?
The experience creation page gives all the necessary information needed for TEPHE to evaluate the quality of an experience. When reviewing an experience if it doesn’t meet standards (Resume not complete or description of lesson vague and not sequenced) a “Denied” email will be sent with an explanation of the reason and tips for improving.
How are Exerience Providers vetted?
TEPHE runs all providers names through the free sexual predator database but does not perform a DOJ background check or TB test. For this reason experience providers must always be accompanied and supervised by a qualified school staff member and never be left alone with any students.
Getting Involved
I'm interested, how do I start?

Schools – If you are a school staff member simply sign up and once approved start searching for experiences in your area!

Community – Individuals and Businesses interested in helping the schools in their communities should signup and create an “Expert/Professional” Experience immediately. This Experience is an open profile that lets schools know you’re open for them to request you to help with a lesson or experience. You don’t have to have any teaching experience whatsoever.

How much does TEPHE cost?
Currently TEPHE is entirely free for EVERYONE. This means community members cannot charge for their experiences.
Can I charge for my experiences?
No. All experiences are offered to schools free of charge. This does not include material fees that may be agreed upon such as art supplies for a sculpting workshop.
What is an 'Experience Ticket'?

Experience Tickets are TEPHE’s unique way of managing experience requests. When a school requests an experience both parties are notified and an ‘Experience Ticket’ is created in each user’s ‘Experience Log’. ‘Experience Tickets’ contain all the necessary information needed for the event to occur, this includes, school name, number, location, directions for entering, requester contact info, description of experience, requirements, group size, date, and time. All details of the experience are edible by both users and the experience isn’t confirmed until all details are approved by both parties.


Experience Providers
How can I communicate to the other users?
There is a messaging feature in the ‘Experience Ticket’. This allows schools and professionals to introduce themselves, chat, and discuss any changes or conflicts of the requested experience that need to be addressed.
What if a school request my experience and I can't come (or don't want to)?
On TEPHE, experience providers are never obligated to accept any experience requests! If you wish to refuse you may. If there happens to be a scheduling issue with timing and dates our ‘experience ticket’ helps with that. The ‘experience ticket’ allows experience providers and schools to update the date and time of the requested experience. If a school requests you on a day you’re out of town simply send the school a message (via the messenger app located in the experience ticket) and let them know you can’t make it and you’re available times. Once you decide on a time that works for both parties you can update the experience ticket and approve.
What schools can access my experience?
When you create an experience you will be asked to put in an address and radius you are comfortable with traveling. TEPHE uses these two data points to determine what schools see what experiences. Only schools located within an experience providers radius will have access to that experience.
Can I edit/delete an experience once created/requested?

Yes! Community members can edit/delete any experience they created. Editing will require the experience to be approved again.

Schools that request an experience can delete it in the experience ticket at anytime.

I approved an experience request but now I can't make it. What do I do?

No problem. Things happen. Best practices are to notify the other party as soon as you know you won’t be able to make the time. If early enough you will be able to reschedule or cancel the experience all together.

If it’s within 24 hours of the scheduled experience time you should notify the other party via phone and email (provided on the experience ticket). You should NOT delete the experience ticket. This information is helpful for TEPHE to evaluate to learn how we can remove more of the barriers preventing schools and their communities from collaborating more effectively.


Will an experience provider ever be alone with the students?
NO. Never. Experience providers are not DOJ background checked or TB tested by TEPHE. These experience are One-time, inspirational, events meant to provide new information, point-of-views, and opportunities. AT NO POINT SHOULD A PROVIDER EVER BE UNACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT OR LEFT ALONE WITH ANY STUDENT. We remind this each and every time a party approves an experience ticket.