TEPHE connects schools with their communities to improve the lives of students

TEPHE’s Mission is to connect schools with their communities to improve the lives of students. We help ensure no child, goes through school, not knowing what their strengths are or where their brilliance lies. Here at TEPHE we believe Transformational Experiences can help students cultivate passions, develop a love for learning, and pursue Higher Education. 

TEPHE Provides a platform that connects schools with the experts and professionals inside (and outside) of their community. Community members, groups, and organizations can (co)create transformational experiences, and connect with local schools to offer their expertise, talents, knowledge, skills, and unique experiences with students. TEPHE knows that when schools connect with their communities extraordinary things can happen, in and out of the classroom, and the potential for transformational experiences is endless.

Transformational Experiences address and improve both the cognitive and non-cognitive skills of their participants. Along with facilitating these experiences, TEPHE also aims to provide the highest quality data to teachers, schools, and districts to extend and secure the evidence to evaluate what works and what can be made to work for individual students and at scale.

Ethan Adshade