TEPHE is a free online-platform for professionals and local educators to connect, collaborate, and create 21st century, whole-child learning experiences for students. Pairing academic studies with real-world guest speakers has never been easier!

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Professionals… Offer your Expertise to Schools!


Signup and create a Professional Profile (with your LinkedIn) to show your expertise to local schools


Apply to help local, teacher-created, ‘Projects’ or offer your own experience, designed and taught by you


Discuss and confirm details of experiences and schedule them into your calendar

1. Signup and create a Professional Profile

Create a Professional Profile using our platform or sync your LinkedIn profile. We will verify your profile within 24 hours.

2. Apply to help local, teacher-created, Projects or offer your own Experience, designed by you

Our platform helps you find and apply to assist teacher-created projects and we give you the ability to create and offer your own workshop, performance, lecture, or any other educational experience that teachers could bring into their classroom. Manage all communications and scheduling details on TEPHE!

*Professionals are always accompanied by a teacher and NEVER alone with any student(s)*

3. Discuss and confirm details of experiences and schedule them into your calendar

Use our platform or answer directly from your email to easily discuss and confirm experience details. Use your interactive calendar to determine availability and track pending/scheduled experiences. Review experience survey data to evaluate the impact of the experience.

Common Questions
also check the FAQ

How can I help?

At TEPHE we focus on Sparks, one-time, inspirational, experiences meant to provide new information, point-of-views, and opportunities. On TEPHE you can help in 3 ways:

  1. Create a Professional Profile – Signup and create a professional profile. You can sync your LinkedIn account for easy creation. Once approved by the TEPHE staff you will have access to the entire TEPHE platform.
  2. Apply to Projects – Projects are created by educators and published in their local area. Find and apply to projects you think you could help with. The project’s creator can then review all applicants profiles and accept the best fit.
  3. Create Experiences – Directly impact the education of students in your community by creating an d offering an educational experience. These can be workshops, lectures, activities, or performances, the possibilities are really endless. Educators can search for and request these experiences with you directly.

TEPHE makes communicating and scheduling with educators a breeze 🙂

What if I don't know how to teach?

No Problem! Professionals are NOT responsible for designing lessons, testing understanding, or managing behavior. You are there to assist the educator and leverage your expertise in the various ways found fit. With the supervision of a qualified staff member you may host a Q&A, judge a competition, speak about industry specifics, or help groups of students with a presentation! You can decline any request for any reason and there’s no commitments for applying to projects. Even during an experience offered by a professional, let’s say a yogi putting on a yoga sequence, these professionals MUST ALWAYS be supervised by a qualified staff member of the hosting school.

How much does TEPHE cost? and what are the commitments?

Nothing and Nothing… TEPHE is totally free for all users (we do offer a complete School Package for a fee) that means you CANNOT charge schools for any of your experiences. As a professional you are never obligated to accept any experience request or apply to projects that you are not 100% comfortable with.

What does the Professional vetting process look like?

Anyone can signup. Once someone signs up they must create a Professional Profile before they have access to the full platform (see any projects). This ensures NO ONE outside the approved TEPHE platform sees any information about schools, projects, etc. We do an internal background check that involves a digital search, personal contact, and run the applicants name through the free sexual predator database. If all looks good we give the professional access. There are 3 ways for professionals to enhance their profile and be more appealing to schools.

  1. Become TEPHE Verified – This is a ‘Best Practices’ test that you must score a 100% on
  2.  Background Check – Using our 3rd-Party online background check you can pay to have a more robust background check
  3. TB Test – Get tested for TB at your local clinic and submit the results to be TB verified.

Individuals & Businesses interested in lending their expertise, knowledge, skills, and unique experiences now have a safe and easy way to offer their resources to schools. After your Professional Profile is approved you will have full access to: Features include:

  • Create new & edit experience offers
  • Set radius of travel to determine schools who have access to you
  • Apply to ‘Projects’ created by Teachers in your area
  • Review and Accept Experience Requests
  • Chat widget to communicate with Teachers
  • Calendar widget to view all pending and scheduled experiences

**You are never obligated to accept any experience requests**

Let’s see an example…

Steve is a successful director who want’s to give back to his community. 

While there are many ways he can volunteer to improve his community Steve wants to leverage his expertise in the film industry. Steve signs up to TEPHE using his LinkedIn account and is quickly verified and approved. 

On TEPHE Steve searches through teacher created projects and finds a project that he thinks he can help with and that fits his schedule. He applies for the project and is approved by the teacher. On TEPHE the teacher checks in with Steve and they go over a few questions they both had. On the scheduled date Steve comes into the classroom and puts on a Q&A for a high school film class.

Steve liked his time in the classroom so much that he decided to create and offer his own education experience. He develops a one hour workshop that teaches students about the various careers in the film industry and offers it on TEPHE. Various nearby teachers request the experience from Steve using TEPHE to communicate and schedule the experience.

Steve continues to use TEPHE to not only provide his workshop to classes but collaborate with other teachers to create new and exciting educational experiences. He eventually builds a strong partnership with a local school and designs and runs an after school film program where students shoot and produce their very own documentary that they present to their community.