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Cultivate Passions

Develop a LOVE for Learning,

Pursue Higher Education.

Here at TEPHE, we believe Transformational experiences address and improve both the cognitive and non-cognitive skills of their participants. Along with facilitating experiences, TEPHE, also aims to provide the highest quality data to teachers, schools, and districts to extend and secure the evidence to evaluate what works and what can be made to work for individual students and at scale.

The Numbers Behind TEPHE

Professionals Available

Experiences Provided

Students Impacted

The following video shows Mr. Woodside, a middle school mock-trial teacher, using TEPHE to develop a lesson to address his students’ opening statements.

Using TEPHE Mr. Woodside was able to locate and contact and District Attorney and have him come in and coach his students on developing the “perfect” opening statement.

A math analysis teacher is doing a Unit on interest rates and is using the Stock Market as a real-world example. Using TEPHE the teacher was able to connect with a Portfolio Manager. Through TEPHE the teacher/expert were able to easily co-create an engaging/real-world project

Students researched and analyzed publicly traded companies. Using investment strategies learned in class, and from the expert, students chose a stock to pitch to the portfolio manager.