Meet the team behind TEPHE

Ethan Adshade
Founder, CEO

Born and raised in Jacksonville Florida, Ethan earned a degree in Finance from the University of Florida. After he graduated, he began his career in education as a 2013, Los Angeles, Teach for America corps member. He taught mathematics for two years in Watts at Locke High School and two years in Korea Town at Larchmont Charter. Nurtured from his experience in the classroom, Ethan began developing the concept of TEPHE in 2015. In January of 2017, after four years of teaching, Ethan officially made TEPHE a 501(C)(3) and has since moved full-time with the organization.

Sam Ryan
Developer, CTO

Sam lives in London and enjoys vegan cuisine, reading, fighting crime, and most importantly developing websites. Sam has donated his time and energy into making TEPHE into what is today. Sam is passionate about using technology to solve many of our biggest problems. Sam joined TEPHE in November of 2017 and has sense helped build our latest version which launched on February 1st 2018.

Cole Brown
Content Creator

Born and raised in Jacksonville Florida, Cole Brown went to the University of Florida where he mastered Graphic Design and Nunchucks. Cole currently runs the media service for his Church, Beach Church, in Jacksonville Beach. He has always been involved in youth development in his local church, from helping with Sunday School to leading Mission Trips. When Cole found out about TEPHE and the work it was doing he offered his skills, free of charge, and began developing content for our marketing campaigns. You can see Cole’s work all across the website!

How did the idea of TEPHE come about?

“In 2015, my 2nd year teaching, a friend offered to fly four students and myself to Catalina Island, buy us lunch, and fly us back on his private plane. I was denied permission by my principal simply because he did not know the liability and legal issues involved. I realized then that if people in the community wanted to help students, they needed to have an avenue to do it through. I became obsessed with the idea of “Transformational Experiences” and even wrote my thesis for my Masters on the idea that college field trips could be transformational for low-income students if designed properly. I transferred from a low-income school to a high-income school and still saw the same issues that included chronic disengagement, educational apathy, and low community partnerships. It was clear students needed to understand why the material they were learning was important and how the knowledge could be applied to a real-world setting. After two years of research and development, TEPHE emerged.”

Ethan Adshade

Founder, TEPHE

Regional Leadership
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Nutan Sewdath, Esq.
Executive Diretor NYC

Born in Trinidad; Tobago and raised in Queens, New York, Nutan is a product of the New York City public school system. After attending St. John’s University for her B.A., she went to Queens College for her M.A. in Urban Affairs; Policymaking. She graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 2014 and has been practicing law in New York since. Growing up as an immigrant, her parents taught her the importance of education and the everlasting impact it has on a community. Nutan knew TEPHE was the next step in providing students with a preview of their unlimited potential.


Doug Tipsword
Education Manager

Having grown up in the Midwestern United States, Doug enjoys the seasons: outdoor concert season, hunting season, holiday season, and that season after Christmas where it snows for a day and is 70 degrees the next. In 2015, Doug graduated from DePauw University and set off to teach biology at the largest public high school in Indianapolis. While what can only be described as a “gut feeling” brought Doug to the classroom, the experiences he had as an educator transformed his view of an effective modern education. Enter, TEPHE. In April 2017, Doug joined TEPHE because of his belief in our mission to provide innovative, transformative, and community-centered educational experiences for students. If you are a teacher, or a professional, that wants to make a lasting positive impact for students in your community, contact


Talia Arnon
Education Manager

Talia lives in San Francisco and currently works as an elementary school teach. She earned both her Bachelors and Masters degree in Education from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) After moving to San Francisco from Gainesville, Talia realized the major gap in resources and accessibility for schools in low income versus high income areas. She believes all students should be given the chance to see what opportunities and experiences are available to them. When Talia discovered TEPHE she reached out immediately and is now on a mission to spread the word and bring as many TEPHE experiences to Bay Area classrooms as possible.

Want to join the TEPHE team?

If you are interested in working for TEPHE, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!